Sam Tedaldi

About Sam

Sam Tedaldi is a New York City actor, singer and quirk machine. She’s performed in commercials, lent her voice to children’s animation, performed Off-Broadway, and sung at concert venues all around the city, at Lincoln Center, and at a “gala” where she was forced to change in and use an outhouse.

She desperately wants to know what you ate for lunch today.


Some People Like Me. 

“A particular standout, Sam Tedaldi plays Ms. Biddle, Mrs. Creech (Jimmy’s second-grade teacher), Grumpy Toad, and others with range, humor and charisma.”


"The poor woman is played by Sam Tedaldi, who displays some of the awkward physicality that Molly Shannon mastered as Mary Catherine Gallagher on "Saturday Night Live." To hilarious effect…"

The Des Moines Register

“You look like you should dance a lot better than you do.”

- Ballet Teacher

And stealing every scene she is in is Sam Tedaldi, playing the super pretty, yet super quirky, self-proclaimed Jesus nut. Sam plays the comedy to the max, and even though her character isn’t always the focus of the scene, she always has some nuanced comedic bit going on, always including her expertise in the catalogue of Lucille Ball facial expressions.
—, Scott Witebsky

“…Tedaldi turn(s) some of the play's most beautiful lines into the obnoxious banter of two ironically detached high school kids who are way too cool for that mushy love stuff. “


Photo: Jeff Larkin

Photo: Jeff Larkin